About Rainbow

Rainbow Consultancy is the #1 ISO Certification Company in Marthandam Tamil Nadu. We have been in business for more than 10 years. We specialize in business development.

We have helped hundreds of small, medium and large scale business meet their goals though ISO 9001 2008 registrations, helping them get the necessary tax certifications, auditing their accounts and assisting and providing critical information.

Rainbow Consultancy started out as a small dream of Chenthil, but through hard work and innovation Rainbow Consultancy has been the best in business development consultancies in the country.

We have also partnered with the best names in IT, Networking, Software Development and Energy Management to bring the best solutions to our customers. Rainbow firmly believes in providing the best quality equipment at the cheapest prices to drive efficiency and growth. We at Rainbow believe that implementation of technology at the right time can create tremendous growth opportunities when there was none before. Through the application of good sustainable technology a company can maximize its work force and reduce waste.