Along with a high performance software you need reliable, high performance hardware that will meet your needs today and will grow as your requirements change.

Rainbow Energy:  HyKon India Pvt. Ltd.  -  The National Award winner for power generation and power back systems.  Hykon specializes in Inverters, On Line UPS, Off Line UPS, Servo, Statcom/UPQC, Batteries, Solar Power, and Solar Water Heaters.  With offices through India we are just a phone call away.  All of Hykon’s products are covered under extensive warranty coupled with their quick responsive time has made Hykon an industry leader.

Rainbow Business Services:  Cisco and D-Link  -  Cisco and D-Link are premier names in networking.  Cisco and D-Link both have every product imaginable when it comes to networking from cables to switches to fire walls; known through out the industry for their high quality components, excellent durability and unmatched customer service.  Rainbow Soft has chosen to work exclusively with Cisco and D-Link for all network needs.  We believe it should be done right the 1st time.

Rainbow Business Services:  IBM  -  With a long record of international success and high end servers, IBM has become a trusted name in computing throughout the world.  We have used IBM’s products and tested them for reliability and stability.  We are fully satisfied with their performance and we feel that its the best choice for our loyal customers.

Rainbow Business Services:  Matrix and eSSL-  Matrix has been a leader in the EAPBX market for over 20 years.  One of the best communication partner for your home or office.  Value priced without having to sacrifice quality, reliability or features.  We have installed Matrix at several customers sights and they love the fact it can be viewed and managed over their local network.  It also allows you to manage how your money is spent on calls.  With lots of management reports and tools, you never have to be in the dark about your office communication systems.  eSSL is the world leader in Bio Metrics.  We have teamed up with them to provide you with the best of what the market has to offer.