Networking services

Structured Network Cabling: High Efficient Data Transfer over non structured and semi-structured cabling. Long Life and User Friendly

  Dedicated Servers: Used to run, Oracle, Matlab, CAD and other high end performance software requiring high storage and data access. Recovery is easy with this server.   Security Servers: To protect your data and network from internal and external hacking and viruses.   Domain Servers: Used to manage users access and limit usage and access to sure software.

Web Servers: Used if hosting a website and it needs to be isolated to prevent hacking virus from internal and external sources

  File Servers: Used for storing large amounts of data. Configured to be secure and redundant so no data is ever lost.   Mail Servers: If you want to give e-mail access to your employees, students and others you will need this solution.   Print Servers: Manages your printing and internet printing needs. Used to manage printers through out the buildings. Limits access based on users permission. This limits your paper usage and controls cost.  
Secure User Management: Used to secure the servers from unwanted users. Limits the access to the servers.   Remote Administration: Used to service the servers from a remote location either with-in the building or from a remote distant site via. vpn or the internet.   FTP Server: Controls the files and folders on your servers. This allows users to access and download files and folders they need. Restricts who gets access to this data.   Data Back and Restore Services: When data is lost or a hard drive crashes, we can recover that data for you.
Secure Wifi: Wireless is a very useful tool but security is the biggest problem with wireless access. We provide solutions to keep your network secure and problem free through tight wireless security.   Storage Area Solutions: We can store your valuable data in large volume through our mass storage solutions via. NAS, SAN or optical fiber channel storage.   Server Room Setup: We can help you design and implement a safe and secure server room with restricted access and power backup.   Security: We can help you secure your building through IP Cameras, IP Phones, Bio Metric devices to eliminate security costs and improve employee efficiency.