UPS & Power Gen

Rainbow Consultancy has partnered with ISOBE Soft to bring you one of the best names in power saving and clean power generation equipment manufacturers in the world Hykon. Their commitment to quality, durability and efficiency is well known in the industry. Get to know Hykon, contact us for details and sales.

Hykon, an ISO 9001:2008 company, is a multi-national pioneering presence in the field of Power Back-up, power conditioners, servos and Solar Energy products.  Some of Hykon clients (Central government) include: ISTO, DRDO, Airport Authority of India, Southern Railways, Transport Corp of India, Indian Army, Indian Air force, Indian Navy and many more.  Banks and financial companies like:  Reserve Bank of India, Central Bank of India, State Bank of Inai, ICICI, HDFC, IDBI, Geogith rely on us for their power needs.  Large Hospitals, Research Organizations, Telecom Services and Multi National Companies also depend and rely on Hykon for three reasons: reliability, after sales service and durability.  Don’t rely on what we say, try us out yourself.

Hykon also has products for the home.  Items like home UPS/Inverters, Batteries, Solar Water Heater, and Solar Powered USP, Solar Home Lighting.  Back by an industry leading warranty that will keep you happy for years.

Here are some of Hykon’s Products


Home Inverter: Variations

600V; 900V, 1200V; 1500V; 2000V

On all of the above variations above, you can run a computer safely.  The systems have a UPS functionality build in.  So don’t have to worry that when the power goes out so goes the computer.  All of our inverters arePure Sine Wave.


Battery:  Variations

Tubular: 100ah, 120ah and soon 150ah




Solar Water Heater:

Ranging from 100 LPD to 10,000 LPD.  Contact us and find out which one is right for you.  Use the power of the sun to heat water for cooking, cleaning and for running your washing machine and for baths.

Home Solar Lighting Systems:

This product is great for those days where there is a large extended power outage.  Use the power of the sun to power your lights at home for the students in your home that need to study.



Large Scale UPS:

These are for large companies that need power without interruption for critical machinery that can’t be stopped for any reason. We have products that rage from 2Kv Online UPS to 320Kv Online UPS.  Most of our customers rely on us to make sure that their critical computers, servers, and data back centers never go down due to power failure.

You can trust our expertise and quality like hundreds of well known companies have done for years.  Contact us for details and quotations.


The importance of a servo voltage stabilizer (single and three phases) is to stabilize the ac voltage going to sensitive electronic and electrical equipment.

Contact us for prices and specs.