ISO 9001 Certification
is the industry standard in business optimization. The certification helps a company to be instantly recognized by its customer as a company of quality and trust. This certification is crucial in becoming a major company.
The benefits of an ISO 9001-2008 certification are many. Besides from the instant quality recognition it allows a company to become more efficient and prepares the company for any issues that may come in the future. Currently, every large and medium size companies are ISO 9001 – 2008 companies and they use the skills are knowledge aquired through this certification to make the most of their market position and to win customer. Don’t be one of those companies that don’t have an ISO 9001 -2008 certification, call us to find out more.
Import & Export Licence
If you are looking to do business over seas, then you will require an Import/Export License. We can help you obtain this license in a fraction of the time and for a very low cost.
Trust registration
We have a long track record of successful trust registration. It can be complicated but we are here to help you get the registration in a timely fashion.
BIS 916 Gold and 925 Silver Registration:
We have assisted lots of small and large jewelry stores get their product and name successfully registered for gold and silver purity standards.
If you are a jewelry shop owner then contact us, we can get this done in a short period of time. Don't loose sales because you back a purity hallmark like BIS 916 Gold or 925 silver.
Company Registration
If are in need of registering your company. We can help you. We have registered lots of companies in Tamil Nadu. Contact us for assistance.
Trademark Registration
Trademark registration is an essential part of becoming a company. Trademarks allows a company to be identified by its customers easily. To prevent other companies from taking your brand's identity, registing your trademark is a must. For quick and cheap registration of your trademark contact us immediatly.
Management Training
We can help you improve your business through management training. We start with the owners and work our way down to the employees. The concept is to allign your company and staff to the concepts and ideas decided on by management. So there is an efficient transfer or knowledge between staff and management.
Auditing Works
We can audit your company and help you identify waste. Our expert lists of auditors are here to help you get you business back on track
Society, Partnership, Documentation and Deed Registration:
Rainbow Consultancy has the experience to get any type of complicated registrations done fast. Give us a call or send us an e-mail.